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  • Enterprise Analysis

    The foundational research that undergirds any successful set of requirements. Click for further details.

  • Service Blueprinting

    Service blueprinting is a wonderful way to visualise actual organisational processes, in order to optimise the user experience. Click for further details.

  • Facilitation and Stakeholder Management

    I use facilitation processes such as workshops and interviews to help business stakeholders discover their requirements within the context of the project... Click for further details.

  • Business Requirements Analysis

    The process of discovering, analysing, defining, and documenting the requirements that are related to a specific business objective. Click for further detail.

  • Business Process Redesign

    For successful Business Change to take place business process redesign is required alongside ICT changes. Click for further details.

  • Change Programme Management

    Examining of currently proposed business initiatives for both viability and effectiveness, in order to enable prioritisation on the programme of work. Click for further details.

  • Benefits Management

    Delivering benefits is the primary reason why organisations undertake change. Click for further details.